Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a tool developed in the field of industrial ecology to quantitatively assess the environmental impacts of producing all types of goods and services. Ag Methane Advisors' experience in agricultural production and renewable energy provides us with a unique perspective to evaluate the environmental and carbon footprint of agricultural and bio-energy products through all stages of production. We have conducted LCA analyses for farmstead cheesemakers in Vermont, hybrid poplar producers in the Pacific Northwest, state energy agencies developing renewable fuels policy, among others.

The process and outcomes are valuable towards optimizing efficiency of production, communicating with customers, and in voluntary and regulatory reporting. When considering the diverse emissions and impacts of the full production cycle from upstream inputs, production practices, harvest, processing, packaging, distribution and consumption, the results of LCA are often surprising. Please contact us to find out what LCA applications could be most valuable for your needs.