Ag Methane Advisors, LLC is a niche consulting firm specializing in agricultural greenhouse gas accounting.  Our work ranges from carbon offset accounting for dairies that have methane digesters, to life cycle assessments for farmstead cheese producers, to strategic analysis of the opportunities provided by the Renewable Fuels Standard Renewable Identification Number (RIN) market.  Please see our Services page for more detail on each of these areas of expertise.

We believe that agricultural producers can contribute to climate change mitigation and environmental sustainability in many ways.  We recognize that financial viability is often the deciding factor between an array of best management practices, and technology adoption choices.  Our services are designed to enable agricultural producers and project developers to reap the benefit of incentives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reward environmental performance.

Farmers across the United States are creating innovative ecologically sound solutions to the current energy, environmental, and climate challenges of our time.  Our customized services allow you monetize, and profit from the social and environmental benefits that your agricultural sustainability and renewable energy projects create.  Please contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance.